Is Your Septic System Suffering From:

Clogged Septic Tank, Drainage Area or Cesspool?

Slow or Blocked Drains in Sinks or Tubs?

Foul Odors in your Yard?

Gurgling Sound and Smell From Drains?

Get it SOLVED today and Save!

This precision-engineered formula of Sludge-busting enzymes and bacteria is Guaranteed to restore ANY septic system, eat away the sludge, grease, Bio-mat and blockage that is causing YOUR problem.  Guaranteed.

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before and after septic tank maintenance

Super Strong & Safe Too

Up to 500% Stronger than store-bought formulas.  

septicleanse is safe around families
septicleanse is guaranteed
septicleanse is safe around pets

2 Types of Septic Tank Treatments:

two types of septicleanse treatment

 Septic System Shock Treatments:  These are larger, one-time, heavy doses of our septic tank maintenance treatment.  You flush several of our water-soluble packets down the toilets in your home, or tub and drain.  The heavy dose of bacteria and enzymes jump starts the process of eating away the sludge, grease, bio-mat and grime that is blocking proper drainage of your pipes or septic system.   Go See the Shock Options and Pricing.
Septic Tank Maintenance Treatments:  These are lower strength doses, precisely formulated to keep your drainage and septic system maintenance running smoothly and cleanly.  You flush one packet down the toilet each month.  Usually, maintenance plans are begun AFTER having used a System Shock.  Go See the Maintenance Options and Pricing.

Exciting Testimonials from Grateful Clients

Joe W.

Every 3 years I would have my septic tank pumped out, there would be a very thick sludge on top. The septic...

Edward D.

We have been using Septicleanse for years and intend to keep using it. It has helped us maintain a 60+year old...

Ray R.

Three years ago we had a septic problem and were advised that we needed new drain lines and system...

Ralph M.

Septicleanse is the best solution for helping my septic system work. When I first discovered this product

Best Selling Septic Tank Maintenance Treatments

Heavy Shock Plus One Year Maintenance

$499  $419




Includes 1 Flushable Heavy Shock Treatment, and 12 monthly flushable maintenance packets.  This is our Best Value and Most Powerful Offer.

$419  $359




Includes 1 Flushable Heavy Shock Treatment, and 12 monthly flushable maintenance packets.  This is a Great Value and Wonderful Offer.

$359  $289




Includes 1 Flushable LIGHT Shock Treatment, and 12 monthly flushable maintenance packets.  Great Deal for Non-Problematic Systems.

$214  $135




Includes 24 months of flushable maintenance packs for your home to keep it crystal clear.  Best Value for Maintenance Only Offers.

I Still Don't Know What Septic System Treatment to Get!    Visit our What Do I Need page.

Why is Septicleanse So Amazing?

Dissolves Sludge, Grease & Bio-Mat Rapidly

Restores Smooth Drainage and Relieves Back-up

SUBSTANTIALLY Lower Cost than the Alternative

Comes in Dissolving Packets - No Lifting, Pouring, Storing Heavy tubs.

The Bacteria can Multiply 400% Every Hour

Safe around Families & Pets - No Chemicals

septicleanse unclogs pipes

The Septic Tank Maintenance Product that Always Delivers.

Whether your septic tank problem is rearing its head in your drains, toilets, or out in the yard itself, this stinky, troublesome problem needs to be fixed Immediately.  

The first reaction of many people is to abandon any type of "Septic Tank Rescue" efforts, and run right to the septic contractor.  These businesses usually declare that your septic system needs to be either pumped out or replaced completely.  Pumping can give some temporary relief to your failing septic tank, but it's not a permanent solution.   Replacement of the entire septic system could cost upwards of $20,000.   Who wants EITHER of those options?   Nobody.

While pumping out your tank WILL get rid of any non-bio degradable stuff that you have flushed over the years, it does nothing to get your septic system back to the healthy, flowing system that it should be.   The BEST way to restore your septic system, and the most affordable over the long haul, is to use a bacterial septic tank maintenance treatment.

Septicleanse restores the bacteria in your septic tank that is REQUIRED to digest the sludge and let it flow smoothly.   When bacteria is killed off from bleach or anti-bacterial soaps, etc going down the drain, your septic system will inevitably fail.

Before jumping to the expensive solution of replacing your system, or the temporary relief of pumping it out, Try Septicleanse.  We Guarantee that this septic tank treatment works, and we offer the support and guidance you need to get your problems back under control.