Is Your Septic System Suffering From:

Clogged Septic Tank, Drainage Area or Cesspool?

Slow or Blocked Drains in Sinks or Tubs?

Foul Odors in your Yard?

Gurgling Sound and Smell From Drains?

Get it SOLVED Today & Save!

This precision-engineered formula of Sludge-busting enzymes and bacteria is Guaranteed to restore ANY septic system, eat away the sludge, grease, Bio-mat and blockage that is causing YOUR problem. Guaranteed.

Learn How Septicleanse Works  -  Rescue Your System Today


There are TWO types of Septic Treatments

Septic System Shock Treatments: These are larger, one-time, heavy doses of our septic tank maintenance treatment. You flush several of our water-soluble packets down the toilets in your home, or tub and drain. The heavy dose of bacteria and enzymes jump starts the process of eating away the sludge, grease, bio-mat and grime that is blocking proper drainage of your pipes or septic system. Go See the Shock Options and Pricing.

Septic Tank Maintenance Treatments: These are lower strength doses, precisely formulated to keep your drainage and septic system maintenance running smoothly and cleanly. You flush one packet down the toilet each month. Usually, maintenance plans are begun AFTER having used a System Shock. Go See the Maintenance Options and Pricing.


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Joe W.

Every 3 years I would have my septic tank pumped out, there would be a very thick sludge on top. The septic...(more)

Edward D.

We have been using Septicleanse for years and intend to keep using it. It has helped us maintain a 60+year old...(more)

Ray R.

Three years ago we had a septic problem and were advised that we needed new drain lines and system...(more)

Ralph M.

Septicleanse is the best solution for helping my septic system work. When I first discovered this product...(more)

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Why is Septicleanse So Amazing?

Dissolves Sludge, Grease & Bio-Mat Rapidly

Restores Smooth Drainage and Relieves Back-up

SUBSTANTIALLY Lower Cost than the Alternative

Comes in Easy Drop-in-toilet Dissolving Packets

The Bacteria can Multiply 400% Every Hour

Safe around Families & Pets - No Chemicals


Our Best Selling Septic Tank Maintenance Treatments

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