Testimonials from Grateful Clients

Frank F

I had a slow draining problem and flooded back yard every spring, it was the worst. Water would just come gushing out of the distribution boxes. When we had many laundry loads the problem was worse. All year long. I had people come out to give me advice and everyone was pointing to tearing up the back yard, ripping out the old system and redesigning a new one. It is only 15 years old! I had to find out if there was some other way.

I started reading everything I could on septic systems and the maintenance and repair required to keep them working properly. All the products were just a little different and, truthfully, I was confused! I landed on your website and started to read. I was amazed at all the information and misinformation that were on other websites. I finally took the jump and ordered your shock and maintenance system and one year later it is working really well.

Thanks for putting the information out and the products that work!

Michael G

I am writing this letter to share my sincere appreciation for your septic products. In December of 2013 my wife and I purchased a home in the country, a life long dream. The home and all of its systems were 13 years old. I had no experience with septic systems. The problems began the summer of 2014. Our system had been running fine, or at least I thought things were okay. We had a failure and discovered we had a blocked line at the entrance of the lateral field. This involved excavating the line and doing some replacement. As you can imagine it was not inexpensive.

After the repair I was determined not to let this happen again. I did some investigation and found your website. I read about Septicleanse and considered the reviews. I purchased the quick shock treatment and the monthly maintenance program. I was pleasantly surprised that despite doing work on the system, the shock program actually made the system run better. It was a smart decision.

We are now nearing the end of our initial maintenance product purchase. I believe in your product and have purchased the 2 year maintenance program. In this day and age when too many companies make promised to make a buck, I thank you for providing a product that delivers what it promises.

Ralph M

Septicleanse is the best solution for helping my septic system work. When I first discovered this product a couple of years ago I was having problems with bad odors coming up the drain in the laundry room. My system is almost 20 years old and, in spite of having is pumped every year, I was always getting odors. My first purchase of Septicleanse was the heavy shock. I followed the instructions and flushed the packets as directed. After just 3 days the odors had disappeared!

Since that time I have continued to flush 1 packet at the beginning of every month and my odors have never returned and my system is working like new. I have researched this type of product on the web and, in my opinion, Septicleanse is the best one out there – it actually does what it says will. I feel that the combination of regular pumping and monthly packets will keep my system working for many more years.

As you can probably tell I am a happy customer !!!

Joel H.

Last year we were having issues with our septic system. The ground was extremely mushy and black. Even when we had excessively dry weather the area where the lateral lines were in the yard stayed soft an smelly to say the least. We were convinced that we would have to install a completely new septic system. I decided to do some research on the cause of this and any possible remedies. We have a large family, 2 parents and 5 kids. I found through some informational reading that our system was more than likely undersized. I read about many products and decided to try septicleanse. We felt like it was worth a try to avoid the possibility of a completely new system. So we purchased the shock and a year supply of monthly treatment.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We made every effort to follow the directions as to applying the product to the system. Within a month or so we could notice visible results. While there are still minor issues with the system being undersized the consistency of the soil and smell have drastically improved. Even after soaking rains the area of the lateral lines remains in tact even if wet. We are going to purchase the same treatment that we used last year and I fully expect for continued improvement.

Damon B

A year ago, February 2015, my toilet started to back up. My first step was to get my septic tank pumped. It was not good, lots of sludge and my septic field drained very slowly. It was 14 years since it had been pumped. I was told I needed a new septic field. My system is 29 years old and in British Columbia, if anything is done to your system everything had to be brought up to code to a cost of $10,000 to $12,000.

I did some research on the internet and found you guys. I was sceptical it would work, but I thought it was worth the try. I purchased the heavy shock treatment with the monthly maintenance. For over 2 months things improved but very slowly. We had to wait an hour between loads of laundry, showers, etc. I contacted you guys then and sent a second shock treatment at no charge based on quit a few questions about my system. I applied that and by the second month things were working really good with no problems since. Mark was very helpful through this whole process answering all my questions.

I am very happy with your products and will continue to use it in the future. Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars and the head ache of everything being dug up with a special thanks to Mark.

Michael M

Purchased a future retirement place on 30 acres, four years ago. The home was built in 1964. Not knowing the history of the single tank/single grease trap system or fill lines concerned me. I considered a new system, or at least tank pump outs. When I first examined the tanks by sliding over and/or lifting the lid, could see a lot of solid waste in the system, especially on the grease trap tank.

Based on a friends recommendation, I purchased Septicleanse and started with the shock treatment. Followed up with monthly applications. As of today, have not experienced any issue with the system. I will be a lifetime customer, and have recommended your product to others.

Ron M.

I have used Septicleanse now for two years and have been amazed at the results. I have had to have the septic pumped every two years but checking the tank last year at the two year interval was told that I had at least another year or two before I needed to get it serviced. I have been telling everyone I know that Septicleanse beats the other treatments by a long way. By comparing price to the competitors store prices I actually save money per treatment and get better results to boot.

Peter G

Several years ago, before using Septicleanse, I noticed an odor in one of the bathrooms. At first, I wasn’t sure it was the septic tank because the odor was only noticeable in one bathroom. However, as it became even more noticeable, I called a company to pump the septic tank.

Upon opening the cover of the tank, the gentleman informed me that there was a thick crust that had formed on the opening. When he showed it to me, I was surprised. He was able to break through the crust and proceeded to pump the tank out.

To his credit, he told me that I needed to provide some good bacteria into my septic tank. Obviously, the better things work, the fewer calls would be necessary for his services.

After he gave me that recommendation, I found Septicleanse. Since that time, I have had no further problems with the system and no more costly pumping of the tank!

David L.

I started using septicleanse after reading an ad about the product. I live in central texas on a septic system for 45 years , so backups are a problem, I tried the major shock and now just stay on the maintenance plan, it works for me, and my sons bought a ranch in southwest texas for hunting which had an old,old frame ranch house, I got some of the product and it has amazed them at the improvement in that system . I would recommend septicleanse for any home , new or old david , texas im reordering for my house and ranch today.

Michael S

Dear SeptiCleanse,

I first purchased your product a couple of years ago after our septic tank guy told us that our 35 year old system was not in very good shape. My wife operates an in-home daycare, so our septic system gets a very serious workout week after week. I did a lot of research before my purchase and decided that there was not a better product on the market. I started out with Heavy Shock and the monthly maintenance packs.

I can honestly say that we have had absolutely zero problems since starting to use SeptiCleanse. A once-a-month treatment is simple and gives me one less thing I have to worry about. It is now time to re-order and this time, I don’t have to shop and compare, because I know I’m getting the best product on the market!


Michael S

Eddie H.

I came across this product on line by using a Web search for the Best solution to septic backup other than drainage there were a few top consumer products so I compare effectiveness and cost to make a choice on which product would meet my needs for the right price and years later that choice was then and is now Septi-cleanse . I have save time and money with the ease of application and no had to drain my septic system but once and that was before septi-cleanse but not after I started using it and now its been over well over 3 years and NO problems.

Joe W

Every 3 years I would have my septic tank pumped out, there would be a very thick sludge on top. The septic people would tell that I need an additive each month. I told them I was using an additive that was purchased at the local store. Since then I switched to septic cleanse. Its been several years using septicleanse and every time I have my tank pumped, they want to know what I am using. They make the comment that the tank is so clear, no sludge present. I feel very confident using your product every month. Thanks

Ray R.

Three years ago we had a septic problem and were advised that we needed new drain lines and system. I researched your product ordered it and gave it a shock treatment. Within 24 hours the water flowed well, within 48 hours we were 100%. We became instant fans and having used the monthly maintenance for the past 3 years we continue to be 100% satisfied.

Many thanks for the simple technology that really works!

Thomas C.

As you may know, I’ve been using Septicleanse for over 4 years now – with complete satisfaction. I do not want to tempt fate by neglecting my septic system, being penny wise and pound foolish, and earning a big repair bill, is not for me.

Carl S

I wish to thank your company Septicleanse for a great product! It easy to use and the most effective product that I have ever tried. The company that pumped my septic tank informed me that my system had to be ripped out and a new one installed. There was an ad in CLAVERAK and since I did not wish to spend thousands of dollars on a new septic system, I called and ordered your product.

That was two years ago, Septicleanse has exceeded my expectations. The results have been fantastic. I highly recommend your product SEPTICLEANSE to everyone who has a problem with their septic systems.

Sincerely, Carl S

Pierre M

I am so far very satisfied with your product and I hope this will go on for ever as the hole system seems to be getting back to normal functioning with no smell whatsoever so thank you Septicleans the only thing I would ask is advice on and if I should do a shock treatment at one point.

Ed D.

We have been using Septicleanse for years and intend to keep using it. It has helped us maintain a 60+year old system which continues to function well.

Brenda B

We like Septicleanse! We have been on the maintenance plan for two years. Our septic system is treated once a month. There has never been a problem with the old septic system we inherited a number of years ago due to the monthly maintenance.

Before we used Septicleanse, each month was a mess measuring and splashing chemicals or powder down the drain. Septicleanse packets are so easy to use – no measuring or messy pouring. The packets are easy to store and easy to use. No worry about the smelly chemicals around people and pets.

We are confident our septic system is in balance.

Dale M

Hi my name is Dale I have been born and raised on septic system 2007 purchased my own home built in 1913 on its original septic system septic system . I had eight people living in the home and to this day have not had any problems with it no clean outs no backup no plunged lines I called last year because the lawn was always soggy so I assumed it need to be pumped out well that was not the case the the septic man said I would need it for at at least 3 to 4 more years if that keep doing what I’m doing it was a old water line or Fountain that had been gone at least 10 years. I owe it all to Septicleanse products 5 stars


We have been using and loving our septicleanse product since we first ordered it. We use the product faithfully and it has done wonders for our septic system’s “health”. Since our supply was getting low we reordered more of this wonderful product on March 23, 2016 so we can continue to treat our septic system without interruption.

Melinda G

I was about to replace one of my two septic tank systems because it was completely failing and oozing disgusting stuff all over out back. I came upon your ad online that guaranteed results no matter how old, and this one was ancient from what I can figure. I was skeptical but the guarantee made me hopeful.

It didn’t stop the overflow right away but soon, the overflow wasn’t black disgusting and smelly anymore. Long story shorter, you sent more shocks over the coming months and even though I doubted it was going to work. IT REALLY WORKED, I can’t believe it. You couldn’t take one half bath without it coming up in the back, now we all used that shower one day to test, (5), and NOTHING came up! It’s working perfectly now and I will use the monthly doses for life to both systems. It doesn’t work overnight on a complete failure, but it did work and saved me thousands! I am so glad I tried it! Thank you, Melinda

Cornelius M

My septic system is seventeen (17) years old. The last time that it was pumped out was July, 2006. Shortly after it was pumped I started using Septicleanse. A number of my neighbors have experienced drain field problems but I’ve had none. I credit Septicleanse for continued trouble free performance. I recommend using Septicleanse before septic system troubles begin.

Manuel A

A few years ago I read an article about Septic Cleanse from the Medina Electric Newsletter with testimonials of success from users of this product.

I have 2 septic systems at our family home and was experiencing problems with one of them (the unit although professionally installed over 15 years ago) was draining slow.

I decided to try Septic Cleanse and bought the heavy shock package. I followed the instructions (very easy and safe to apply) and noticed that after several weeks, the system was still draining slow. I contacted customer service whereby, they immediately dispatched a large order of heavy shock (at no charge). Upon receipt, I applied to the source of the septic and within a week, I noticed improvement. After several weeks, the septic tank is back to normal and working fine.

I continue to buy this product to apply the maintenance packages.

Michael M

We live in central Illinois in the country, of course, and our 100-old-house has always been on a septic system. Previous owners of our house had not adequately maintained the septic system, and we were forced to have new laterals put in. We are serious about maintaining the system, which is why we use Septicleanse and do regular maintenance pumping. When our septic guy comes out to do the maintenance pumping, he always says “I don’t know what you guys use, but I wish all of my customers used it because this system is in great shape.” Thanks for the quality product.

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