Septic Tank Pumping – Is it the Cure?

Septic Tank Pumping almost Never Fixes the Main Problem.

septic tank pumpingIt seems like any time a homeowner has an issue with slow flushing toilets or slow drains, or even some backup in the yard, they “run” to the simple solution of septic tank pumping.   While that might be the solution for a quick-fix for SOME problems, it is very rarely the long term solution, and will most often need to be repeated on a monthly basis, if there is a root cause that’s not being addressed.   If You are considering septic tank pumping, please take the time to read this article.   You will certainly be enlightened, and you Hopefully will get a new understanding of the causes of septic system failure and the Best way to rescue a septic system once and for all.  It’s NOT septic tank pumping.  Go see Why Septic Systems Really Fail

The first thing to understand about septic tank pumping is that the ONLY THING IT DOES is remove the non-organic matter or “stuff that can’t decompose” from your septic tank.  That means things like diapers, cigarettes, tampons, condoms, etc.  (Gross, we know.. sorry).   If having that type of stuff in your septic tank is the MAIN CAUSE of your issue, then pumping the septic tank could fix it for good, as long as you don’t go flushing more things like that down the toilet.    However, if you do NOT flush that type of stuff down the toilet, the problem is something else.    Usually, a lack of bacteria in your system. (we will discuss how that happens later in the article)

One VERY important thing to remember about a Septic System is that it consists of more than just the tank.   Attached to your tank is some sort of drainage area.. sometimes called a leach field, or drain field.  What happens is that bacteria in the septic tank digests the sludge and solid matter and turns it into liquid.   This liquid then flows to the drainage area, and seeps gradually through holes out into the soil, where it finally just goes away.   Septic tank pumping ONLY removes matter from the tank.   It does NOTHING to the drainage area, which makes up about 50% of your septic system.   So really, pumping out the septic tank is at best, only a 50% solution.

The PRIMARY area where this system goes wrong is out in the drainage area.   If your septic tank doesn’t have enough bacteria in it, the solid matter is not liquified before heading out to the drainage area.   When that happens, it clogs up the drainage area.  This, in turn, causes the backup to creep back to the tank, and often right back up to your toilets, drains, sinks and tubs.   When that happens, it’s usually considered a total septic system failure.

To FULLY solve the issue of a failing septic system, in a way that septic tank pumping can NOT do, is to treat the septic system with specially engineered bacteria to rapidly liquify the solid matter in your septic tank AND drainage area, thus allowing it to return to a system where liquid can flow freely out into the drainage area, and into your soil.   This is the ONLY real way to rescue a septic system that is failing.  If you pump your septic tank, but do NOT address the bacteria issue, you will just end up having to pump it out over and over on a continual basis.  This can be costly and frustrating.

How did my bacteria get so Low in my septic system?   Good question.   The answer lies in the things that go down your drains, tubs and toilets, and also your laundry machines.    Products like bleach, anti-bacterial soaps, cleaners, and shampoos are usually the cause of this.   Every time you introduce a product down the drain or toilet that kills bacteria or germs, you are KILLING the bacteria that is VITAL to your septic system.   This doesn’t mean that you have to stop using all these products.   It just means that you need to replace the bacteria in your septic tank and system from time to time.   Think of it as a Probiotic for your septic system.

That is where our product, SEPTICLEANSE, comes in.  This is an INDUSTRIAL strength bacterial treatment that is two types of septicleanse treatmentformulated into granules and packaged into water-soluble plastic packets.  You can flush these packets down the toilet and introduce billions of bacteria into your system that multiply by 400% right away.   This bacteria will start liquifying the matter in your pipes, septic tank and drain field… even in the soil immediately surround the drain field.    By doing this, the septic system can return to performing at optimal levels.    If you use some of our monthly maintenance packs, which are also just a flushable packet, you can keep your system running smoothly, even as you continue to use antibacterial soaps and bleaches.  Go See Why Septic Tanks Fail and get some more information.   Also, you can check out the page, What Septicleanse Package Do I Need that will lead you to the package that suits your problem best.

You will find that it’s no longer necessary to pump out your system all the time, and the cost will be considerably lower.  Your septic system, and your wallet will thank you for it.