SeptiCleanse products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied by how well our products have maintained and restored your septic system, you simply contact us and let us know.

Then, We will IMMEDIATELY issue you 100% credit to use on any SeptiCleanse products.

So, if you are not happy, you just let us know, and we will send you ANOTHER supply of your order, absolutely free.

That's right... this 100% satisfaction guarantee is as simple as that. Septicleanse stands behind our product 100% and is here to support you, and to ensure that your septic system is restored completely.. no matter if we have to give you DOUBLE the product for free, to get the job done.

With this rock-solid guarantee, Septicleanse makes sure that every client ends up happy, with a crystal clear septic or drainage system.

What if I send back my products?
If for some reason, products are returned without being used, we offer a refund in full, minus the cost of shipping. Even though we offer free shipping on many of our products, the cost of shipping is usually between $12 and $30 that we had to pay, to ship the product out. In the event that you return a product to us without using it, this cost of shipping is not refunded.